Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The last oficial email!

The last official email. There really isn't a whole lot to say. This past week was kind of dry as far as missionary work is concerned. We went to the meeting for the media campaign that the church is going to be doing. There were missionaries from the south mission as well as a couple from the Colorado Springs mission too. It went well, but once again the meeting was 6 hours long. I just hope that people don't get the idea of making profiles on is missionary work. The main reason for the media blitz is to have the church do the heavy lifting. There will be so many ads running that most members of the church are going to be approached by their non member friends instead of going out and having to talk to their non member friends. That is when the members need to invite their friends to do something like go to church or meet with the missionaries, etc. Bro. Allen was the one who spoke most of the time. He is the managing director of missionary work. His son was the bishop in Taft Canyon ward when I served up in Fort Collins.

I also went on exchanges this week with the one of the zone leaders down on the UNC campus. It was weird to see people on campus since I was there during the summer only.

Yea, I am pretty much in trunky mode now. It didn't really hit me that I'm going home until today. I'm still crashing every night from being tired though. Some missionaries have a hard time sleeping when they get close to going home. This week we randomly have a lot of service. Today we helped move some stuff out of a house for about an hour. Tomorrow we are going to go paint something at some lady's house. We also might go get potatoes somewhere with a family in the ward later in the week. My companion has already had another companion who has gone home when he was with him so it is nothing new to him. I haven't been with anyone when it is their last transfer. See you all next week!

Elder Cooper

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