Monday, April 26, 2010

Four investigators at church!

Hello family,
This week was awesome! It was a great way to end the transfer. It looks like I will be staying here for another 6 weeks. My companion is staying as well and he is now the new district leader which means that I have more meetings to go to now. Our new address 1300 Patterson Place. The people that live here are really cool "The Haynes". They both are retired and the husband is really into political stuff. So if he is not at home or some church function he is at some political thing. Sis. Haynes watches the grandchildren who come over quite a bit because some of their children live in Fort Collins as well.

As far as the work, this past week was really exciting! We started teaching this 11 year old whose dad just came back into activity. The son is pumped and it would be awesome if his dad could baptize him. We also just started teaching this family who was taught like 2 years ago. It is the single mom and her 2 sons. They all came to church this past week too which made things even better. We had another one of our investigators come to church making it 4 investigators at church! That is the first time that has happened on my mission. I guess the only downfall is that it has been kind of cold this past week. Weather in Colorado is really random.

This next week we have another mission tour. Elder C. Scott Grow is coming to speak to us. I think the name is kind of funny, but we are all excited to hear him speak.

As far as Mother’s day, since you are in church from 9:30 to 2:30 it will work out perfectly. I'm in church from 9 to 2 so I can just call sometime in the late afternoon around 4pm if that will work. It feels like I just called! I guess time just goes by really fast. Mother’s day will be my 8 month mark as well.

Hope things are going well.

Elder Cooper

Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010

So this week has been interesting. This Tuesday my jaw started hurting so I went to our bishop to see what was up and come to find out I was clinching my teeth. He said he would make me a mouth guard, but I thought it was weird that I never needed one before. Wednesday morning I woke up to a super bad sore throat, my tonsils were swollen and covered in white spots and the lymph nodes right below my jaw were swollen. Come to find out it was tonsillitis. I called to see if I could go to the doctor but I was told to just wait it out. It got me kind of mad this week because we were inside not working. I figured that they would let me go to the doctor, find out what it was, and get the best medicine so I could get better and get back out and work but I guess not. So, we didn't get around really to much this week because I was dealing with that. I'm not fully recovered but I'm getting better. On the flip side, we were going through our area book this week and started calling up former investigators that had been taught 2 or more years ago. We called this one lady and she said that she was still interested in hearing from us! We went over there and she told us that she had been trying to get in contact with us but she was having a hard time getting our number. Then she said that it just so happens that we called. It was a mini miracle. So we are teaching her now. We also are going to start teaching a 10 year old. His dad just came back to activity after 15 or so years and the son is coming back with him. Hopefully his wife will come around as well. We are definitely being blessed, that is for sure. Elder Smith and I are pretty sure that we are not being transferred this next Monday but you never know. Oh, we also moved today. The people that we were staying with have a daughter coming back from school and we can't stay there while she is there. It is all good though because the new place we are staying at it twice as big. Hope things are good!
Elder Cooper

Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

So first off there is no way that I am going to be able to compete with that long email that you sent me. That is awesome that Hawaii was nice. I look forward to going when I get back....right? haha. So things have been going good this past week. The weather first of all is a lot warmer then it has been although right now it is completely overcast. I'm getting a nice neck tan line. Not the normal one you get from a shirt but one that is higher up because of the collar. It is pretty nice. This past week we met with president Ely for interviews and I have a pretty good idea that I will be staying. By the end of November there will be a 100 missionary switchover which means that I will be older than half the mission. That is a weird feeling.

The work in the Taft Canyon is picking up and we have a couple of potential investigators now. We actually were going through the former contacts one day and gave this lady a call and found out that she was still interested so we will see how that goes. We thought it was a miracle. There is another guy we are teaching and we are either going to set a date for his baptism or drop him in this next appointment this week so keep your fingers crossed. There was a baptism in my old ward this past weekend of an investigator who I taught which was pretty awesome. I didn't get to go, but that is okay. There might be another one soon that I taught as well. It is just so cool to hear about the people that I taught getting baptized.

I didn't know that Tommy and Brittany were going to move out that quick. That is cool though that they are going to stay close by. That is what I ultimately want to do as well. Out of all the places that I have been to, nothing beats San Diego.

Oh also, not this week but the beginning of next month when I get money I'm going to by a GPS. I have decided that it is worth getting on a mission because we are always wasting time trying to find places on a map and it will also be handy when I get home too.

Hope all is going good.

Elder Cooper

A letter from Jacob's "host mother"


Dear Brother and Sister Cooper, My name is Christine Montgomery and my husband is Kent. We are the Host family for the missionaries until April 26. Your son, Elder Cooper, is living with us, along with Elder Smith. They have been with us only 2 1/2 weeks. It is such a joy to have them in our home. Kent and I have raised 7 children (5 girls and 2 boys), but our boys are not active in the church (ages 21 and 24). We decided to help out the missionary effort by opening our home for them since our boys didn't serve missions. It has been fun getting to know Elder Cooper, all about the family, what he did for work before going on his mission, and I have especially enjoyed his piano playing. All my girls play, and since they left home I have really missed someone sitting at the piano. So I let him go through all my music anytime he wants. He seems to be getting along well with Elder Smith, and they are pretty motivated to get things done. I'm impressed at how disciplined they both are as far as getting up, what they do during the day, and being in at 9:00 p.m. each night. It was only a week ago that we got a foot of snow, and Elder Cooper walks in at 8:00 p.m. and said, "Sorry, but we're back a little early." I was just glad they weren't stuck somewhere! They were more than happy to help my husband shovel the walk and driveway, and then play a little in it. I had hot chocolate waiting for them when they finished. Also, Elder Cooper and Elder Smith have been great about cleaning up after themselves. You would never know they used my kitchen for breakfast and lunch, and on P-Day they clean their bedroom and bathroom. Either your son was taught well at home, or the mission president is strict about staying in members homes. I just feel bad they have to move out on April 26. My 19-year-old daughter is moving back home for the summer from BYU Provo, so the elders have to leave. The plan was to house the sister missionaries here with Liz for the summer, but they had to be transferred out. Anyway, I want to thank you for raising such a fine young man. He has brought such a special spirit into our home. He's doing a great job and you can be very proud of him. Thank you for your good example and for sending him out on a mission.Sincerely, Christine MontgomeryP.S. He loves our frosty cups we keep in the freezer and I let him have all the milk and Chocolate Nestle Nesquik he wants.


April 5, 2010


I'm so jealous. It sounds like you are having a blast right now. I forgot until midweek that you were in Hawaii. I remember turning to my comp. and saying in a really depressed voice "My parents are in Hawaii right now" haha. Things have been awesome this week. This last Wednesday we went to our mission conference in Wyoming. It was another solid conference and hopefully I will use what training was given in my day to day missionary work. The downfall is that we got stuck there. It snowed on the way up and before we could leave they closed all the highways. So, we didn't get back until 6pm but that is okay.

Conference this weekend was awesome. I have really grown to appreciate conference so much more now that I am on my mission. Before I always thought that it was too long. Now I can't wait for it every six months. It is also kind of a mini break from missionary work too. Not saying that I don't like to work, but it is nice to sit down for a bit and listen to the leaders of the church speak. Once again my favorite session was priesthood especially the one about how apostles go about making mission calls. Every one is so personal which makes my call to serve in Colorado special.

Other than that not much is going on. We have interviews with president this next week and I cannot believe that half of the transfer is already over. If I stay in Taft Canyon Ward then we will just end up moving to another family in the ward. The people that we are staying with have a daughter coming back from school at the end of the month so we are getting the boot haha. Hope you have a fun time eating shaved ice without me! (I'm trying to make you feel guilty)

P.S. I did hear about the earthquake. Pretty big one ya?

Elder Cooper

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