Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Sorry this email is so late in the day. Last night was the Spanish musical fireside and it went really well except it was super long. 2 hours by the time that we were all done. Next time if they do it they need to cut back on the speakers and songs. There was a speaker for each spot in between songs and there was 2 that spoke for like 20 minutes each. Anyway, we stayed at the farmhouse last night because we were not going to be able to make it back in time to Sterling. We left in the morning and were with the Fort Morgan elders in their area most of the day. Crazy busy. We were able to meet with a few investigators this week, but not the guy that wants to be baptized. Our schedules don't match up. We talked to him Sunday and we should be meeting with him tomorrow and Wednesday. We also had the wonderful 7 hour leadership training meeting this last week in Greeley. It went pretty well, but I'm glad that was the last one that I ever have to go to. Transfers are just around the corner and I think that I will be staying and my companion will be going considering that he has been here now 5 transfers which is about 7 1/2 months. You never know though. I don't really know anything about my departure yet. I'm guessing that all of that stuff will come in one of the first weeks of next transfer. I'm excited! I'm also pretty sure that the 5th week will be transfers for everyone. Not much else is going on other than it has been in the high 90's the past 3 weeks. It is time for a break! I'm also sending an SD card home tomorrow along with a cd with more pictures on it that I think that you don't have.

Elder Cooper

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This last week was pretty good, but also didn't go as smooth as expected. I went on exchanges this last Thursday with the zone leaders to the UNC institute and it was a blast to see some old people from a year ago and we got to catch up a bit. We were supposed to start teaching this part member family last week and it ended up falling through among other appointments with investigators. Hopefully this week we will have a little bit more success. This week is going to be a little bit busier too, because I have to go to a leadership training meeting this Thursday from 9am to 4pm. Last one! We will drive down to Greeley and spend the night there so we can cut back on travel time the next day. We will also be going to Fort Morgan on the way down on Wednesday because I have to give a baptism interview and on Sunday we will be going down again to Greeley for a Spanish music fireside which I got recruited to play the piano for. Busy week, but not so busy in our area which is kind of a bummer. I wouldn't mind being out of leadership for my last 5 weeks of the mission.

So that is about it. We might be going to the temple our last week of the transfer, but I don't know for sure.

Elder Cooper
Hello everyone,

Not much to report this week. Things went by a little slower than normal, but this next week will be totally different. We did meet the new mission pres. this past week. It was very brief because he is going through the whole mission meeting everyone right now. Our 1 on 1 interview was only about 5 minutes. We did have a group meeting where he talked about what his vision for the mission is and a little bit more of a "get to know you" part. You can tell he is green. It is weird to see that coming from a mission president and not a missionary. My birthday this past week was great. We didn't really do much by way of celebrating but I did get some mail which was a nice change of pace. This past week was really cool in the fact that something happened that has never happened on my mission yet. There is a guy that we are going to teach and he had been taught by the missionaries before, but there were some complications so they put him on hold. We went to see him this past Tuesday and the first thing that came out of his mouth was "What do I need to do to get baptized?" My jaw just dropped at that point. Now we can't meet with him more than once a week so it probably will not be until next transfer that he gets baptized, but it was still pretty exciting to hear someone say that.

This week I go on exchanges with the zone leaders so I get to go to the institute and see all the people I served with around a year ago (whoever is left). That is going to be pretty exciting as well. Other than that things have been going well. I think that I'm used to the country life now and having to go on long drives to far away places.

Elder Cooper

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the Birthday emails and the birthday box. This last week went pretty well. To give a little bit more of an update on what has been going on, we are working with a lot of people, but right now we are resolving a lot of things with everyone. With such a small town and nothing to do, people tend to break the commandments a lot. We went over to see if the part member family that we are working with quit smoking and it looks like it is going to take a lot longer than we thought. We do have one investigator that is pretty golden by the looks of it. It is another part member family, but the husband and wife just recently got divorced. The husband wanted to be baptized earlier but didn't want to look like he was trying to get on his ex wife's good side while going through the divorce. Now that it is final, it is just a matter of teaching him. He also comes to church every week with his kids.

For Fourth of July we actually made the long trip into Greeley for the day and it was awesome. We went to the Greeley Spanish groups picnic ate a lot of good food and played some games. For the first time in a while I actually got sunburned. I'm pretty white these days. We didn't end up watching any fireworks. When we got home a little after 6pm we were pretty wiped out and I was really wiped from all the driving that went on that day. Tomorrow we will be going into Greeley again to meet our mission president and have interviews. I don't really know what to expect. Fortunately tomorrow the Fort Morgan elders will be driving us down so I don't have to do that again. Oh, yesterday I got pulled over by the cops. Being Fourth of July they were on the prowl. I was going 38 in a 30 zone, but not 100 yards ahead of me was a sign for a 35 zone. It is okay though because I just got off with a warning. The last thing that I want to do is get a ticket. That was actually the first time that I have been pulled over since I first started driving and it just has to be in Sterling, CO.

Elder Cooper

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