Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another baptism

Hello once again! How is everything back home? This past week was awesome! We had another baptism this past Saturday. The spirit was so strong and the investigator was way excited. I was the one to baptize her and I told her that I was just as nervous as she was, but I only had to perform the baptism once which was good! We had another investigator there (the 9 year old) and now she is excited for baptism. So, we might have a couple more on the way! Elder Perry was also awesome to listen to. Before the meeting we got a mission wide photo of all 200+ of us so I am pretty excited for that picture to come. We also got to shake Elder Perry's hand! So, yea, the meeting was awesome and you just know that when he speaks that he is an apostle of God. He can crack a few jokes as well. Other than that, the missionary work has been about the same. We are now half way through transfers and we have interviews as well this week so I am interested in how my interview will go with President Ely. Maybe he will drop a few hints on what is going to go down next transfer. This week we also have an adult ward talent show and it just so happens that my companion and I are in it. I signed up at first because nobody else was so I'm signed up to play the piano and my companion and I and some other missionaries are going to do the Haka war dance. It should be pretty entertaining. A funny thing happened this last week. We went to teach one of our investigators and when we got there she was a little bit high and the room smelled like the "green stuff". We taught the lesson anyway and it made for a good story. That is about it. In a few weeks I will be at my 6 month mark which is crazy to even think about. It was good to hear from everyone.

Elder Cooper

Monday, February 15, 2010

We had a baptism yesterday....


Hello everyone. Things have been going good up here minus the cold. It snowed a little bit Saturday night. We have been doing a lot of walking because it’s just a little bit too cold when you ride the bikes. We just had a baptism yesterday. It was great. Everyone was excited and the spirit was so strong there. The man who got baptized yesterday had been investigating the church for a year or more. His wife is already a member so it was really cool to see her so happy. I played the piano for the baptism. Once word gets out that you play the piano you get pulled into everything. So we still have a baptism this Saturday which is the other investigator who has been taking the lessons off and on for a year or more. Her mom just recently came back to activity so there is another cool experience to see the daughter deciding to get baptized as well. I have been there since we restarted the lessons and it is amazing to see the change in her. She is a completely different person. As far as a 3rd baptism, it has been put on hold. We just have to resolve an issue with the investigator with regards to Joseph Smith’s involvement in polygamy.
This week on Friday we will be headed somewhere to meet as a whole mission (200+ missionaries) to hear Elder Perry speak! It’s going to be so much fun seeing some of my buddies from the MTC there. The box came Friday! It was awesome and the mangos and cookies are almost gone. My companion has been pounding down the mangos when I'm not looking. He doesn't eat the cookies because he just had a root canal and he hasn't got a crown on it yet so the doctor said to lay off the sweets for a while until he gets that. The downfall of the mangos is that when I was biting into one it broke my retainer on my bottom teeth (the wire that goes across to keep my teeth straight). I called Sis. Ely to see if there is an orthodontist that I could go to in town, so now I'm just waiting for her to call me back. Until then I have a wire hanging in my mouth. It’s not that bad though.

Other than that not much is going on. We have got some new investigators and some new potentials so we are hoping that the work will stay steady now that we will slow down going over to the investigators that are baptized or getting baptized. Until a week or so ago I hated to go tracting, but we have been doing it more frequently to find people and I have come to really enjoy/get a kick out of it. It’s usually one of the last things we do if we have not much else we can think of to do, but it is just funny to see some peoples reactions at the door. Hope all is going well.

Elder Cooper

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This week has been awesome!

Hello everybody! This week has been awesome. It is always good to start off the new transfer with a solid week. It is not uncommon for our mission president to keep us in an area for a long period of time. Every mission president is different. It’s kind of funny. Our new district leader just came from another ward in Fort Collins where he was there for 7 1/2 or 9 months. I bet he was bummed that he didn’t even leave the zone when he finally moved.
As far as football goes, I was glad that the Saints won because I don’t like Manning and Brees used to be on the Chargers. We came into a lady's house right when the game was finishing.
So if all goes right we will have 3 people baptized this month which is huge. We have one this next Sunday, one possibly on the 18th and one on the 20th. It looks like I will be baptizing the one on the 20th so I'm nervous, but really excited. So at fast and testimony meeting yesterday a bunch of kids got up and bore some pretty solid testimonies. All that I could think of was how the statement "Certain people have been saved for these latter days". The kids were blowing me away. I don't remember having that strong of a personal testimony when I was that young.
It is definitely snowing right now and I am sick of it. 6 months of winter is just too long for me. Just a couple more months. Tomorrow will be my 5 month mark and I will be here for my 6 month mark as well. CRAZY! I thought that school went by fast. It also looks like we will be getting together as a whole mission to hear Elder Perry speak to us as well as shake his hand and get a district picture with him! I'm pumped. It will be cool because then I will get to see some of my buddies from the MTC that I haven't seen in 5 months. Hope everything is going great and everyone is having a good time!

Elder Cooper

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New email address

I didn't get transferred...


Hey Family! Sorry this came a day late. Yesterday was crazy busy with transfers and we didn't get around to doing emails soooo....Also as you can see we have a new email system so this is my new email address. It’s a pretty sweet set up and it is through gmail so we now have a lot more space and it works better now. I did not get transferred so it looks like I will stay in Fort Collins through my 6 month mark! Things have been going great lately. We have been getting a lot of new investigators which is good because 2 of our investigators we have now are getting baptized this month! It’s crazy because both of these investigators have been taught on and off for the last year or more. Its rad to be able to be one of the missionaries that will get to see them baptized. I don't think I will actually perform any baptisms or conformations, but it’s all good. I am also now the oldest one in our district. Not oldest in the mission, but I have been in the Parkwood district the longest. Actually out of the 6 people in our district I am number 4 in the line of how long everyone has been out. Since I will be in Fort Collins for 6 months I probably will be transferred next time but who knows. Other than that not much else is going on. My companion did not get transferred as well so that makes it easy since he knows the area pretty well. Thanks for the photos. Tell Tommy he looks skinny in the one picture that you sent. I have been getting fatter since I have been out. I have probably gained 6 pounds. A couple probably has to do with being with a Samoan for a companion haha. He probably wouldn't want to know that I said that.

Elder Cooper

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