Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello Hello,

This week was pretty typical. We had interviews with president and he said that I most likely will be staying another transfer in the ward I am in but that is not set in stone. I still think that something will happen. Elder Smith had a dream last night that I was going to be transferred so who knows, haha. The work this week was kind of slow. I blame it on graduation. Everyone graduated from high school this past week so everyone was busy doing stuff and we got shot down on appointments. We actually went to a graduation party this past Saturday. It was our ward mission leaders daughter's grad party and it just made me feel old. It's been 2 years now since I was last in hight school. Yikes! All of the high schoolers that were there looked really young but it was good that there were older people from the ward there to balance it out.

There aren't any huge events this week. Just winding down on another transfer. A lot of the missionaries in Fort Collins could be leaving next transfer. There is one other missionary that has been in Fort Collins as long as I have and so we joke around about it. In fact, we had a zone lunch thing where the stake president talked to us and the other missionary and I noticed that it was a very similar talk that he gave to us like 7 months ago.

So that's it for this week. Hope things are going good!

Elder Cooper

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Email from the Bishop Allen

Dear Brother and Sister Cooper
My name is Ken Allen. I am the bishop of the Taft Canyon Ward in Fort Collins, Colorado. Your son is currently serving in our ward. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with your son. Elder Cooper is very studious and has learned how to be an effective teacher. He and his companion, Elder Smith, have been working hard and have been a great blessing to our ward. Thank you for teaching him and encouraging his missionary service. It is a great blessing in our lives! Ken Allen

Baptism on Saturday


So, this past week was pretty awesome. The baptism was this past Saturday and it went really well. Kyle's dad baptized him which was pretty cool considering that his dad has only been active for about a couple months. A lot of his family was there which was awesome because his mom and grandma are not members and you could definitely see the spirit working on them. It was probably the most emotional baptism (I wasn't emotional but Kyle's whole family was). Anyway, it went really well and Elder Smith and I spoke while they were getting changed. Another cool thing about the baptism is our other investigator, Robert, came.

The next day at church was great too as Kyle got confirmed by his grandfather who I knew because he lives in the Parkwood ward where I was serving before. Our other investigator met with the bishop as well which was really good so I have this feeling that he will be baptized before the end of this transfer. We will see. Overall it was just a solid weekend.

Other than that not much else happened. We actually got a new investigator this week. It is a part member family. It is the husband of the daughter of the people that we are living with. He is Catholic and a really cool guy. We just started teaching him and he seems to enjoy it.

Tomorrow is interviews so we will see if President Ely drops any hints as far as if I will be moving at the end of this transfer or if I will get put into a new position (i.e. senior comp). We will see. I like being a junior companion because I get to focus all of my attention on the work.

Tell Tommy and Dad good luck on the 100 mile ride!

Elder Cooper

Monday, May 10, 2010

It was good to talk to everyone yesterday! Things have been really great and it is crazy to think that the next time I call home will be in 8 months! Other than that not much else is going on other than everything that was mentioned on the phone yesterday. This next week will be exciting with the baptism. It is amazing to think that it has been 8 months since I left home. Their have been so many cool experiences that I have been able to take away that will help me the rest of my life. It is also awesome to have a family who is supporting me in all that I do. It was great once again to talk yesterday. Hope all is going well.

Elder Cooper

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A few more pictures



This last week has been pretty interesting. It started with a move that we helped out with on Tuesday. We helped this family who is less active and not in our ward move with the other elders and when we finally got to the house to load up the moving truck we realized that nothing had been packed and it was one of the dirtiest houses that I have been in. I know I like things organized but I'm serious when I say that this house was gross! It is okay though. The family was really grateful that we were there because it was just us 4 missionaries helping. This Thursday was the mission tour where Elder Grow came to visit us. It was awesome. Most of the meeting was the zone leaders/Pres. Ely/Elder Grow explaining changes in the mission. The issue is that our mission has been kind of on a plateau and we want to see the success to continue to grow. There are a lot of changes, but nothing really huge. It will take some time to adjust to it. The only downfall of the meeting was the fact that we got there at 8:00am and didn't leave till 5:30pm. That is a long time to sit on the church benches. That evening though we went to go over and teach the 11 year old that we have been seeing and we set a baptism date for the 15th of May! Its pretty exciting to be apart of teaching and seeing someone get baptized again. We are hoping the dad who just recently started coming back to church will baptize him, but if not it will most likely be the kids grandfather who just happens to be in the last ward that I served in. We have a couple of other investigators so we will see what else might happen this month. Other than that the rest of the week was pretty normal and there isn't any big events other than Sunday when I get to call!

Elder Cooper

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