Monday, June 28, 2010

So, to answer your questions......yep I got 2 brand new pairs of shoes a while ago. It is pretty sweet I must say. My toe is doing a little bit better. I am no longer on crutches. It isn't broken, but the toenail fell off, well, I pulled it off the other day and it looks like I will never have a toenail there ever again! We still have 3 set for baptism and they are all around 18 years old. It is going to be hard for some of those to reach their dates and some have been switched already. They were all set for within this transfer but now it looks like they will be sometime next transfer. Something else that is exciting is that we got a new investigator this last week and she is awesome! She is christian and believes that it wasn't just random that we showed up on her door. We were tracting when we found her. We met with her 3 times this last week! She doesn't have a baptism date because she still wants to pray about it, but I think that she will.
Also this past week we were able to do some serious service at the church farms. They are right next to our house and they grow beans, corn, and wheat. So, we showed up on Saturday in the morning at around 7 and we ended up laying pipe for watering alongside the crops. It is these huge pieces of PVC pipe with holes in it every couple feet that hook up to a water main. We laid that down pretty much the whole time and it wasn't so bad until it started getting hot. After we did that we went to painting the inside of a huge shed which was like a break. We were rewarded with an awesome BBQ for our hard work that made up for everything. I have to admit that it still was probably the most tired that I have ever been on one day on the mission. We went tracting a bit that day too so I was just spent by the time we got home.
This next week is interviews already and we will see what happens. I probably will go this next transfer because most tri-companionships the junior is usually only there for a transfer. We will see though. Last time I thought that I was staying and look what happened.
Elder Cooper

Monday, June 21, 2010

Three baptism dates!

Hi everybody,
How has it been? Things have been going well this past week. So, the first thing that happened this week just so happened to be on Tuesday morning when we were doing our morning exercises. We were using the bench and I was taking off the 45 pound plate on one side. Well, I set it down on the wall and it just so happened that it slid off onto my middle toe. I didn't think that it was that bad, but as I was lifting I realized it hurt a lot more than I thought. I stopped and took off my sock to see that I completely smashed it. We don't think it is broken. It is actually a lot better now that it has been a week, but the toenail is definitely going to fall off. The downfall for the rest of the week is that I was using crutches.
Friday we had our zone conference. That is when my box from missionary mall came. I got two new short sleeve shirts that are name brand so now I have 6 short sleeve. That is plenty. It was just in time too because you are right, it has been way hot lately and being right next to the cattle farms where we live has brought up some smells that I have never thought existed. Zone conference was great! The way it is done is completely different now and it is cool because all of the missionaries are now being taught the same thing. It still was quite a bit of sitting.
Saturday we had to go up to another zone conference. We were recruited to help the senior missionaries with car inspections up in Cheyenne. I was still on crutches then, but I got a job of going through all of the papers that the missionaries were supposed to have in their glove compartments. I couldn't believe how hard it was to get all of there info together!
Sunday, Elder Tuiasosopo was sick so we went home early and that left Elder Bean and I thinking of something to do for the rest of the night. Well, as I have mentioned we live in a dump and so we cleaned out the kitchen and the bathroom and man was it bad! It took us three hours and it looks awesome now, well as awesome as it can get!
So some other awesome news about this past week...Last Sunday( June 13) we had a missionary fireside where we watched Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration and we were able to meet with a couple of the investigators that showed up for that. His name is Christian and he brought his friend to the lesson and now they are both set for baptism! We also taught someone else who is set. Three baptism dates! Let’s hope they all go through. It just goes to show how many different tools we have available to use to bring others into the gospel.
Elder Cooper

Monday, June 14, 2010

Greeley has been awesome!

Well, this past week was my first time outside of Fort Collins. Greeley has been awesome! The one bad thing about Greeley is that it smells like cow poop. My companions and I live in a farm house right past where all the cows are.....So the place that we stay at is owned by the church. We are right out next to church farms so literally it is a farm house. It is so ghetto but its also fun. We have the house to ourselves, well we share the house with the Spanish elders here in Greeley. Being in a singles ward is awesome. Its way cool to work with people that are my age, but also it is really different so it is taking a little while to get used to. We have our own special office at the institute. So, we work on the UNC campus. It is pretty rad, but there are not a ton of people considering that it is summer break. I will probably be here the rest of the 5 weeks of the transfer too. Oh, and for the first time we are in a car, truck actually. So, because I am with the zone leaders we cover all of Greeley but just the young single adults. The ward is pretty cool, bigger than the branch back home. Oh, speaking of that, I met an Andy Rogers(Elder Rogers) who served in our ward like 6 years ago and he remembers us from the Fanita ward. He remembers talking to Tommy as he was getting ready to serve a mission.
My companions are Elder Bean and Elder Tuiasosopo (yep another poly for a comp). Elder Bean is from the Seattle area and has been out like 21 months! He is a pretty cool guy. He went to BYUI for a year before he left as well but I don’t think while I was there. Elder Tuiasosopo is from Hawaii and has been out 18 months. I feel young still but the Spanish elders that stay at the farm house are both younger than me. Elder Tui's (for short) dad played professional football for like 12 years I think on the Redskins. He has 2 cousins that are playing professional football right now as well, one on the Raiders and I can't remember the other. That’s what he wants to end up doing I think. He is like 315 pounds and can bench like 500. Yeah.......
This past week was great. I think that the best thing about the week was that we had a missionary fireside on Sunday night and we watched "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" The semi new one they play in the visitor centers. It was so good even though I have seen it 5 times. We had like 4 non members and several less actives and I think that they really enjoyed it and we will see good things come about.

So, new address....
25707 County Road 60 ½
Greeley, CO 80631

Elder Cooper

Monday, June 7, 2010

My 9 month reign in Fort Collins is over...

Hey everyone,
So, I officially got transferred! My 9 month reign in Fort Collins is over. I got a call from President on Saturday around 4 in the afternoon telling me that I would be transferred and that I was going to be in a tri-companionship with Zone Leaders. So, I'm not a Zone Leader, I'm just a junior companion with the Zone Leaders. It is going to be interesting. I'm going to be heading down to Greeley, Colorado today. So, to give you a little background on Greeley, is stinky. There are a couple slaughter houses there that makes the whole town stink. It’s all good though. On top of that I will be with the Zone Leaders in the singles ward down there. So, President Ely told me that I am going to really have to focus. I'm super excited! I think it is going to be a blast.
So, one of the reasons for the tri-companionship is that I believe that there is an odd number of missionaries out in the field right now. Most likely I won't stay there a long time, no more than a transfer. If a missionary goes home early or one comes out in the middle of the transfer I think I will most likely fill the vacant spot, but who knows.
Other than that not much else happened this week. I said a lot of goodbyes yesterday. I wish I could skip that haha. It can be kind of awkward sometimes.
This next transfer I feel that I am going to learn a lot. I felt that I was getting a little too comfortable up here so I'm glad that I'm going somewhere new to change things up a bit.
Elder Cooper

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So this past week was great! Things have been a little bit slow though. I was kind of afraid that it was going to eventually happen when I first got here. It has been tough finding people to teach. Anyway this past week was still good. So the library was closed yesterday so sorry that this got a little delayed.

All I can say is that box last week was awesome! So that retainer needs to be adjusted but because Bishop Allen is a dentist he can fix it. I haven't got my suit yet from the tailors. I will pick it up this Friday just in time for the end of transfers. I don't know if I will be moving but there will definitly be a lot of changes in the zone and in the mission. About 20 new missionaries are coming in!

One of the interesting things that happened last week is we had a dinner appointment with a family and we ended up going to their neighbor's, who are Muslim, for dinner. The wife converted from being Catholic and her sister just happens to be Mormon. Her sister lives in Utah though, I think. Anyway there were 2 people from Egypt there and their son-in-law who is originally from Pakistan. It was an awesome Middle Eastern feast!. It was also interesting to understand a little bit more about the cuture and different views on the world/politics/religon. Basically, Elder Smith and I kept our mouths shut the whole time, haha.

We also helped a non-member family move this week. It was the relief society's friends and they could be interested so we are pretty excited to see where that will take us. The move was hard though. They had some heavy stuff and nothing seemed to be packed. We were there for 3 hours on Friday and like 4 hours on Saturday.

One more week until transfers and 9

Elder Cooper

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