Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello Everybody!

That’s a bummer that you got rained out on the camping trip. The weather is just starting to get nice again here. The past couple weeks have been cold, and really rainy. Tomorrow I think it is supposed to be upper 80's though. I'm pumped. This past week we had our zone conference. It was the last one for Pres./Sis. Ely. They will be going home July 1st. They will spend about an hour with the new Mission Pres. and his wife, but after that they will be on their own. Crazy busy times. Now that all of our big meetings settled down we should have more time to get things done in our area. This Friday we will be going to the temple. We have new rules about going to the temple now. Our temple trip takes the place of our P-Day so yesterday instead of having a break we had to work. It was hard, but with Friday’s trip and then having another P-Day the following Monday, that will be nice. I think that we are planning to go bowling again next Monday too!

This past week has been a little bit more difficult due to the fact that everyone is graduating and with this past weekend being Memorial Day. One of our investigators came to church this last Sunday which was pretty exciting. We are going to try to set him for baptism this week. We will see. So, things have been going well. We are going to be super busy with appointments this week which is always nice being a missionary.

Elder Cooper

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hey Everyone,

This past week was good, but it also was pretty difficult. For 3 days we were hardly able to work in our own area. On Tuesday I went to a leadership training meeting from 9am to 4pm. I thought it was going to be just as boring as the last time I went to one of those, but it was pretty awesome. Normally, missionaries give a bunch of trainings and then we role play but this time the zone leaders broke off from the district leaders and we were able to be with Pres. Ely the whole time and we just asked questions. Wednesday and Thursday I was on exchanges with other missionaries in their area and I don't know if you have looked at our weather lately, but we just keep getting dumped on. It is getting kind of annoying. This week is not going to be any less busy with Zone Conference tomorrow and then another exchange on Thursday. Things should settle down for the most part after this week.

Stake Conference was this past weekend as well. The Sunday session was okay, but the adult session the day before was awesome. They had a member of the seventy come (I can't remember his name). We haven't had a whole lot of success finding new people to teach, but yesterday night we went around visiting former investigators and were able to set up a couple appointments. We also moved houses for a short time. We actually are living at the Conners. We will probably be there until the end of the transfer on June 20th. I will get you the new address next week.

That is cool that David is going to go to Mexico. I think it is good that he is going out of the states for his mission. Hopefully he can pick up on Spanish well.

Elder Cooper

Monday, May 16, 2011

So, we have leadership training meeting tomorrow and our emails to Pres. Ely have to be done by noon on Tuesday so we had to go to a different town and email today. I am going to see if I can get on again since you didn't know and I didn't get to hear from you now.

Things went really slow this past week. My companion got sick on Thursday and he was in bed for the rest of the week. It was just a cold and he is doing better now. The problem is that his body is so weak. He always has an ache or something. I was going crazy most of the week because I had nothing to do. My new scriptures came in so I spent most of the time just marking up my scriptures. They are really nice. I figured out where most of the money came from. I had some money that I saved from the money that we get each month to pay for it.

This week is going to be super busy with a leadership training meeting tomorrow from 9am to 4pm. We also have a couple exchanges this week with some other missionaries in our district so we will be pretty much out of our area for 3 days this week. We also have Zone Conference next week and another exchange so there are 2 days gone next week. It is hard to pick up from not being in our area, but after these next 2 weeks we will have way more time to do stuff.

It is exciting to finally have a nephew except for the fact that I don't like kids haha. Has David Carlson got his call yet?

Elder Cooper

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things are going pretty well in Arvada. I have loved being here even if the work has been a little slow lately. Funny story: We were going around visiting members in our ward and we stopped by this inactive Cuban guy in our ward. He is pretty awesome, but what wasn't awesome is the fact that he talked straight for 2 hours! Not only that, but he gave us a huge glass of juice so mid way I thought that I was going to pee my pants. I didn't though. He talked about why he doesn't come to church and about politics, work, school, family, etc. We didn't say a word the whole time. Another thing that was pretty crazy was this last week we went to drop by what we thought was a pretty promising potential investigator, but when we showed up to the apartment, she wasn't there. The little girl that answered the door I think thought we were the FBI because she seemed scared or nervous. This lady just disappeared and nobody that lived there knew where she was.

Elder Wall did pretty well being senior companion this week. His only downfall is that it takes him a while to make decisions. For instance, normally when we plan for the next day we spend 20-30 minutes doing that. The first night we spent an hour. I fell asleep during it on accident. It was pretty funny. He got better by the end of the week. As far as the Smiths, Sis. Smith was pretty awesome. I don't think that she has any kids at home. She has a son on a mission right now, but I forgot where. She couldn't guess who I was until I showed her my name tag. Her husband wasn't there when we were though so I didn't get to meet him.

How are roadshows coming along or did they already happen?

Elder Cooper

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