Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello Everybody!

This past week went great. Things have been going well with the new companion and everything. Elder Lloyd and I have been getting along great so I think that it will be all good finishing up here in Sterling, CO. This last week we met with our investigator and set him with a date for August 20th! We are pretty excited and it will be awesome to leave on a good note. Other than that we have been having a hard time meeting with other investigators. I haven't got my flight info yet. I imagine that it would come this week because we have to write a big essay about our mission and stuff and it takes a while to write. Also, there is a mission reunion that is going to be on September 30th and I kind of want to go but don't know for sure yet. I am seeing if there is someone else that wants to go that I know that is close to home. I have been emailing Pres. Larson and he says that he just might have an opening, and said to email him again a week before I head home.

This past week I had the chance to go out to Yuma, CO which is even more in the middle of nowhere. They just opened up the area which has been closed for the last 8 months so the missionaries out there have a lot of work cut out for them. One of the elders is from Norway of all places. He probably wasn't expecting to go to a place like Yuma, CO in his lifetime.

Not much is going on besides that. There is a fair in Sterling this week and we are going to try and get our investigator to come invite us out. Everyone around here is going to be at the fair, so either we get invited or we have a semi-long week because nobody is home.

Elder Cooper

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