Wednesday, October 27, 2010



This past week went pretty well. As far as the work is going, the investigator that came to church the week before didn't come to church this week because she had the flu. That has been going around since it’s getting closer to winter. This past week though one of our biggest accomplishments is that we were able to get 20 total lessons taught during the week. That is what we shoot for every week but we never get there. It has been getting colder and colder every day but it has yet to snow in town, thank goodness. It looks like winter will come a little bit later than last year. Interviews went well and it is always nice to get instruction from the mission pres. He has been really happy with the progress that I have made especially in the last couple of months. I also got to talk to him about my comp who is still kind of homesick among other things. It was great. Today we actually went to Estes Park which is just west of Longmont. It was awesome except it was snowing up there. We visited the Stanley Hotel and a couple of other places.

Oh yea, I got Grandma Cooper’s card, THANKS GRANDMA and GRANDPA. Speaking of mail, I got an interesting letter in the mail this last week. I know that a lot of my friends are engaged if not married that were up at BYUI but this past week was the first time that I got a wedding invitation. It was pretty funny. This week we have the trunk or treat and of course on Sunday we have to be in at 6pm. It’s kind of a bummer because Sunday is usually the busy day of the week for us.

I am trying to think what else is going on this week but I can't think of anything. Hope all is well at home.

Elder Cooper

Monday, October 18, 2010

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Hello everybody,

This past week was pretty good. Probably the most exciting thing that happened this past week was that we were able to finally get one of our investigators to church! That has not happened since I got here. Now, she just has to make it a habit. She only came for sacrament meeting but it was a huge step that is for sure. So, to answer your questions… As far as smokers in our mission (which just so happens that I have never dealt with that situation really) I think that it is a week but that might be completely wrong. I still have my big coat but last week at Target I bought a light waterproof jacket instead of wearing the big heavy one (Plus, wool coats don't smell very good when wet). I also got some gloves and earmuffs. So, I am now fully prepared for winter. This next week is interviews with pres. It is weird not having interviews every transfer. The last interviews were when I was in Greeley. They are quarterly now. Other than that things have been pretty much the same. Halloween is just around the corner and to think that by the end of next transfer, it will be a new year. 2011! Wow, that came up fast. Oh another thing that we did this past week was we went to a murder mystery dinner activity. This is now the second one that I have been to since I have been out on my mission so I guess they are pretty popular here in Colorado. Oh, and missionaries with cars… I think about half the missionaries in the mission are in cars. There are only 2 bike companionships in Longmont and we are one of them. I don't think that Elder Henson and I will be together for another transfer after this so we will see what happens in 5 weeks.

Elder Cooper

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello Everyone,

So the big news is....I'm staying in Longmont. My companion is staying too and to be honest, I have mixed feelings about that. I hope this next transfer is a little smoother than the last. We really want to see a baptism. This ward needs it. It has been 3 years since their last convert baptism. This past week has been alright. It is getting colder now and I can definitely tell that winter is on its way.

So, here is a crazy thing that happened this past week. We got a referral from church headquarters on our cell phone early in the week for someone who was interested in the church. We called him and set an appointment up for Thursday and everything. We found out by talking to him on the phone that he didn't send anything in but he would be happy to meet with us. Well Thursday a half and hour before the appointment we were helping a family in our ward set up the volleyball nets up at the church. My companion just out of the blue asked if they knew this person that we were about to go see. Well, they knew him alright.....from the newspaper. Apparently just recently he was put in jail for some really creepy and awkward stuff. We decided not to go to the appointment for several reasons. The fact that my companion just so happened to mention his name and it just so happened that the family knew who he was… I don't think that it was random.

Oh, this last weekend was also nice with general conference. It is scary how fast time has gone by. Now, I'm 13 months out! Scott left the MTC today I think. He will be a good missionary that is for sure.

That is a bummer about Wingnut. Are you planning on another cat or no. I say there should always be a cat in the house.

Elder Cooper

Monday, October 4, 2010

New mission home address

If you are sending a letter or package to Jacob, please us this new address after October 20th.

Elder Cooper
Colorado Denver North Mission
1250 Main Street
Broomfield, Colorado 80020
Hey, how is everything going? Looks like this week will be another wrap up for the transfer. Transfers seemed to go pretty slow at first but now it’s hard to keep track of which one that I am on. This last week was pretty rad, especially with General Conference. It is always nice to have a little breather as a missionary every once in awhile and that is why conference is so great. Plus, we get to hear some amazing talks that’s for sure. Of course, priesthood session was my favorite, but I also seemed to like Saturday’s session more than the Sunday sessions. We also watched it with the member who houses us so it was nice to sit on a couch instead of at the stake center.

As far as transfers, I'm not sure what is going to happen. Things have been going kind of up and down with my companion so we will see come this Friday. Today is pretty exciting because we are going over to a member’s house for dinner and she is bringing a non-member co-worker. This is the first member referral since I have been in this area. Also, the part member family that came to church last week we were not able to get a hold of yet so we will see where that goes this week.

I don't know what happened to my bike a few weeks ago. I noticed that it was getting harder and harder to pedal and it made me think of the first time that my axle broke and sure enough when I took off the back tire it was broken again. I think it has to do with going up curbs or something.

I had an interesting experience 2 nights ago. I was laying in my bed thinking about the past year and for the first time on my mission I realized that I am not ready to go home. I know that is 11 months from now, but the feeling just made me want to get up, get dressed and go do missionary work even though by that point it was around 11. It is just what I needed. The Lord really knows me and never has a problem taking the time to help me grow.

Elder Cooper

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My name is Jacob Cooper and I will be serving in the Denver North mission starting September 9, 2009 until September 2011