Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello Everyone,

This past week actually went really well for the most part. The downfall of this week is that I have been sick with a cold. Mostly it has been a bad sore throat. I'm going to go to the doctor today to get it looked at. I was talking to Pres. Toombs the other day about school and I might be able to get a 400 dollar scholarship from him. He says that he gets to give a few of those out every year for BYU-Idaho. He said to call him when I'm a little bit closer to going home so I will probably call him next Monday.

I got my flight information, but the funny thing is....I can't remember the exact time that I am flying in. It will be between 3pm-4pm on Monday, Sept. 5. I will leave in the morning and they have me flying into Salt Lake. Then I have to be there for a 2 hour layover! I was telling jokes that I am going to tell people that my family didn't show up to pick me up if they ask. Our investigator is still set for the 20th of August and we are pretty excited. We met with him a couple of times last week and everything seemed to be good. I hope so because we just put together a program for him yesterday. This week we also have my last zone conference....finally. These mission meetings are just a little bit too long...I will be giving a farewell testimony at it as well. I'm getting pretty excited to be coming home. It will really start to sink in at the beginning next week when the baptism is over with.

I forgot to mention a funny story that happened the other week. I was on exchanges with the elders out in Yuma, CO. I was just about to fall asleep when I felt something go down my leg. We flipped on the lights and there was a cockroach in my bed! I found it a little bit more difficult to go to bed after that. This last Monday we played basketball and while we were resting my companion hit the fire alarm in the church and the fire department showed up and everything. We called ahead of time to 911 saying that it was not an emergency.

We did end up going to the fair this past week, but it is nothing like the Del Mar Fair. 1/10th of the size and it doesn't cost to get in. We only went to a rodeo with some members one of the nights which was pretty cool.

Elder Cooper

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