Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There is plenty of work for us to do...

Hey, how is everything. Well, it is the last week of transfers and it looks like I'm going.....okay just kidding, I don't know if I am staying or going but if I had to go on my gut feeling I think that I will be staying. That is crazy that you guys got so much rain. The weather has been pretty mild the past week and it hasn't snowed in a long time. Of course the snow has not completely melted though. I'm pretty sick of the cold weather. Thanks for the package and Elder Seve loves his new shirt. I didn't even know that BYU had a rugby team. This last week was awesome. We had a couple of investigators come to church and on top of that I spoke in sacrament meeting. It went well. I spoke on being faithful. Saturday morning we went to go help some other elders with a move and when we got back, Elder Seve got sick. He started throwing up around 11:30 in the morning and didn't stop until he went to bed at night. Not being able to do anything all day was really boring. I ended up going on splits so I could go to church the next morning and when I got back he was doing a lot better. He’s completely fine now so we are thinking it was food poisoning. Being without another missionary for a half day was really weird. Just yesterday we rescheduled one of our investigators for baptism. This is the same investigator who had a date but we ended up cancelling to give it more time. This new date looks promising. It will be next month so my companion and I are pretty excited. Other than that not much else is going on. We are just going to try our best to finish the transfer strong. There is plenty of work for us to do which makes the time go by fast. To answer your question, Jason is a guy in our ward that hangs with us sometimes on p-days and stuff. He is divorced and doesn't have a job right now but he is kind enough to drive us places. Anyway, it is good to hear that you all braved the crazy storm this past week. Who knows where I could be in a week. Elder Cooper

Monday, January 18, 2010


Hey, how’s it going? I thought I would answer your questions before I forget. As far as the shirts are concerned, I would get the rugby shirt in extra large. He would flip when he gets it. New Zealand is to rugby is like America is to football so that is all he talks about. Then again, all I talk about is football. I had a buddy in the ward I'm in call me yesterday about the Chargers. It sucks, but at least they didn't go to the super bowl when I was on my mission, haha. I spent 25 bucks at Walgreens the other week because I was super sick....okay, I wasn't sick, I just printed a lot of pictures which made me sick when I saw the total price. I printed the ones from the MTC just because I had not printed them out. I haven't sent the pictures yet....sorry. I actually will send them this week with some more journal stuff so they should be there by the end of the week. The weather up here has been pretty nice. No snow, thank goodness. It still drops really low at night though. Just this past couple of weeks we got 3 referrals from other missionaries that look promising so we are really excited to see how this next week goes. We are still having a hard time getting investigators to church and to keep commitments but they will come around sooner or later. This last Sunday we had an appointment with one of our investigators and instead of us teaching, the mom taught the lesson. The mom has just recently become active again after 20 years of not going to church and it was probably one of the most powerful lessons that I have been in since I have been out. I know that’s only a little over 4 months since I have been out. That is cool that Shawn almost has his papers done. That kid is awesome. I always liked working with him. You will have to let me know where he goes. I had a dream awhile back that I came home and the Golden Spoon was closed. I don't know if it was a dream or a vision. I have had so many weird dreams since I have been on my mission and they all have to do with being on the mission or coming home from the mission. I bet Dad, Tommy and Brad had the same thing. Well, hope everything is going great. Elder Cooper

Monday, January 11, 2010

I love to see those Mambas


Hello hello! It’s good to hear how things are going back home. Thanks for the package. I got it Saturday. I love to see those Mambas. Definitely my favorite candy by far. That’s awesome that you all ran in the 15k. I would have joined in too. I also would really want to join in on the 100 mile bike ride now that my legs are huge from riding a bike every day for the last 4 months. The jeans I have now are too tight, haha. Not at the waist but in the legs. I guess no more slim fit jeans. I will be sending pictures this week. We just had a temple trip so I wanted to get some pictures there before sending them home. Anyway, we went to the temple this last Saturday. It was awesome. A family in our ward asked us if we wanted to go so we went. It was rad, and kind of a nice break and booster that I needed. The family ended up taking us to dinner afterwards too so that was just as sweet. I don’t remember what the name of the general authority who came to our mission off of the top of my head and my notes are at home, but him and his wife spoke as well as Pres. and Sis. Ely. It was awesome, but in all honesty we were sitting on our butts for like 4 hours in the chapel. They should have done a bathroom break or something because by the end of it I was about to pee my pants. This last week was okay. Several of our investigators cancelled on us but we were still able to meet with quite a few. No baptism dates yet. They will come though. We have a lot of work to do to finish up the last half of transfers.
4 months down, 20 to go haha. (not that I'm really counting)
I’m also really excited to hear about the chargers. I get the rundown from a guy in our ward whenever I see them. GO CHARGERS! I told him that I will buy the season if they win the Super Bowl this year and watch it when I get back.
Elder Cooper

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!


Hello everyone!Well it’s 2010, the only year that I will be on the mission the entire year. Things have been going well this week...well some good and some not so good. Our baptism that was set with one of our investigators is no longer set. We are going to wait a bit before we set a new date. On the other hand, 2 of our investigators that we haven't seen since I first got here both have appointments this next week. We at least have one appointment with an investigator everyday this week except for Saturday. That’s pretty good considering Fort Collins is a pretty tough area. Our new years eve was pretty uneventful. We had to be in by 6 just like Halloween. I got kind of mad because we had an appointment with an investigator at 7 that day and I was told that we would have to reschedule for a new day. Oh well. Not much I could really do about it. No huge events happened this week, but tomorrow is the mission tour so a general authority is coming and speaking to us. I don't know who it is going to be, but there is rumor that Elder Perry is coming in February, but be quiet, I don’t think I'm suppose to know yet haha. I have noticed especially lately that I have been extra tired. I think it has to do with the cold weather and snow. I was ready for spring a couple months ago. It still looks like we have another couple months before the spring time. I'm sure there is something else that I'm forgetting to say, but it won't come to me until I leave the library. Happy New Year!
Elder Cooper

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